About Us

Before starting doorways.ai we spent years at companies like Amazon and Ocado, where we saw firsthand the delays couriers face in the final stretch of delivery. We realised that the traditional focus on route optimisation meant little attention was being paid to getting couriers from the van door to the front door as quickly as possible. That's when we decided to bring doorstep-level precision to every delivery journey.

In November 2023 we secured our first round of funding from Heartfelt Capital, the venture arm of Porsche and Axel Springer.

Michael Shindler
Michael Shindler (CEO and Co-founder)

Background in process engineering and operations management at Amazon and delivery startups.

Jake Cracknell
Jake Cracknell (CTO and Co-founder)

Background in route optimisation and geospatial engineering, working as a senior software engineer and later, data scientist at Ocado.